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Observatoire National Cynégétique et Scientifique Citoyen




1- Your name, your address, the date, the district, hunting method, latitude and longitude if you have a GPS, type of environment, general weather conditions, and please don’t forget your mobile phone number.

2- The time when you began hunting and when you finished, in order to calculate length of observation.

3- The number of birds observed by species and at what period of the day, and if possible try to avoid double counting.

4- The forms are to be returned every month from September to February when hunting ceases and also after till end of March for better understand prenuptial migration.

OPTIONAL: Voluntary once a week outings for counting purposes in March after the hunting season is over.

5- Please send forms by post to :

Association de  Défense des Chasses Traditionnelles à la Grive (ADCTG)

La Parise route de Fontienne

F- 04300 Forcalquier  (France)



Villa « les Bouillens »

F-30310 Vergèze (France)


For  Internauts: a mail box is open at observatoire :

By internet: You can also send the forms via internet; go to the page “observations”, choose your country and fill in the details on the form.

IMPCF will analyze the data and transmit the results via the observatory.

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